Itchen Lake

Itchen Lake is a 198 km2 property assigned 100% to WKG.   The target is BIF-hosted gold, similar to the Lupin gold deposit 60 km east of WKG’s property.  The area has seen historic expenditures including a$15.0 million exploration program by Echo Bay Mines Limited (~80 holes, 12,000 metres), as well as a ~$458k grassroots and EM survey program carried out in 2013 by the NRC-Transition Metals Strategic Alliance.  The 2013 EM survey identified numerous untested moderate and strongly conductive and variably magnetic targets.  For the 2014 spring-summer field season, WKG’s focus is to locate a joint venture partner that will support a drill test of the top 10 targets identified in 2013, as well as expand airborne EM and Mag coverage and ground follow-up on areas not covered by the 2013 survey.

To provide more value to potential investors, WKG has the opportunity to utilize MMG’s camp at Izok Lake to reduce costs, ensuring more investment dollars go towards actual exploration.  Going forward, Itchen Lake’s proximity to active winter road infrastructure originating in the NWT will also serve to reduce the mobilization/demobilization costs in the absence of any currently planned all-weather road.